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    International Academy of Management

    President Jan Masaryk, (born Sept. 14, 1886, Prague, Bohemia, Austria-Hungary- died March 10, 1948, Prague, Czech) founded CIOS in 1932, origin of The International Academy of Management in 1958. Read More →

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    International Academy of Management

    The present Chancellor, Professor Jan Oosterveld, was elected at the 2007’s  ceremony of the Annual Meeting of the International Academy of Management that took  place at IMD Institute, Lausanne, Switzerland.
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    International Academy of Management

    The aim of The International Academy of Management is to honor excellence in management through the election to Fellowship of individuals who have made an outstanding international contribution to the science the art of management and  to human progress.

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    International Academy of Management

    The International Academy of Management is a forum for the exchange internationally of knowledge and experience so as to contribute to the advancement of the science and art of management and thus to human progress.

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    International Academy of Management: Publications

    You can find The international Academy of Management  fellow’s  publications at their personal pages, at the Amazon link or at the Fellow Publications site in our web.

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  • International Academy of Management: Presentation

    Professor Jan Oosterveld,



The International Academy of Management had its origins in the first international management congress held in Prague in 1924 at the initiative of President Jan Masaryk. At the congress, CIOS – ...

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Constitution of the Academy

The institution shall be known as: The International Academy of Management¹. The members of this Institution shall be known as: Fellows; and this Institution, with its members, shall continue to ...

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Constitution by Laws

The Governing Board, Committee and the Regional Chapters have specifics functions The Governing Board
 The Governing Board shall consist of the Chancellor, the Vice-Chancellors and the Treasurer. The Secretary shall be in ...

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Recent Activities


New IAM Partners: EFMD SMS Meetings with the Spanish Chapter

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